Calvin Harris: Stay With Me Yayında!

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Calvin Harris , Justin Timberlake, Halsey ve Pharrell Williams’ın birlikte ürettikleri “Stay With Me” şarkısı tüm dijital platformlarda yayında!

İskoç DJ, söz yazarı, besteci ve prodüktör Calvin Harris yeni şarkısını paylaştı. İlk olarak audio dosyası olarak paylaşılan şarkının klibi de yayında!

Şarkının bestesi ve sözleri Adam Wiles, James Fauntleroy ve Ashley Frangipane‘e ait. Ayrıca Prodüksiyonu ise Brandon Buttner, Mark Goodchild, Adele Phillips, Emma Marks üstlendi. Öncelikle şarkının klibini izleyin, daha sonra şarkıyı bir kere daha dinleyin; galiba her ikisi de kayda değer!

Calvin Harris – Stay With Me ft Justin Timberlake, Halsey & Pharrell Williams şimdi yayında!


Stay With Me sözleri:

Fly shit
Turn me up some more
Pusha, Skateboard P
Give it to ’em
You’re that girl
Who thinks the world
Is something beautiful
And that’s all baby
But you’re lookin’ far abroad
Wishing upon the wrong star
‘Cause it don’t know
That’s not how it goes
So, I can’t explain
Why things are made the same and others change
He made it that way
But the perplexities of the world
Leaves more oysters and pearls
And I don’t know
It’s just the way it goes
But I know you can
Stay with me
Lock the door
Take the key
I am yours
Feel the BAPE
It is yours x 3

Don’t take the time!

To relax your mind
So unusual, oh baby
Put your priorities on the shelf
But your emotions and your health just don’t go
Your body says no, so
I can’t conceive
That leaves would grow on trees
And blow with the breeze
And come back next Spring
But the perplexities of life
Brings more days that form new skies
So who’s to know
I suppose that you could
So stay with me
Lock the door
Take the key
I am yours
Feel the BAPE
It is yours x 3
Up, up and away
I be the wind that blows yourself
The pixie dust of Tinkerbell
Up, up and away (P, I think we got one baby)
I be the wind beneath your wings (Pusha, let’s go)
Vivid colors in your dreams oh
Baby, let’s pour it up
Lift them Gallardo doors up
Paris for them Louis as soon as the tour’s up
The million dollar frames is his and her the same
I took it on the chin when I heard about the lame

And no, I ain’t here to try to rewrite your past
That don’t measure up to the nights that we laughed
When considering love, you take the good with the bad
I’ve been disappointed by every bitch I ever had
Either she was dick crazy or cheddar mad
Shame what they did for them jeans and them leather bags
Reverse it, I want perfect
That was half the reason I bought half them purses
That chapter is over, it was worth it
My new angel surface
She ain’t have to rehearse it
My baby’s real
That’s why I put the chill on her
So good make a nigga wanna kneel on her, not yet
So stay with me
Lock the door
Take the key
I am yours
Feel the BAPE
It is yours!



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